New trends of graduates in business economics

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Silvia Angeloni, Silvia Ghiselli
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DOI: 10.17408/CA/591313

The present research was conceived in view of the 2017 AIDEA Conference, devoted to celebrating an important anniversary: ninety years after the birth of the Italian Business Economics discipline, conceptualized by Gino Zappa in his famous inaugural speech, entitled “Tendenze Nuove negli Studi di Ragioneria” (New Trends in Accounting Studies) and published in 1927. The book provides the first available evidence on new trends of the Italian graduates in Business Economics, based on the AlmaLaurea data. The main purpose of the research is to investigate the educational and occupational experiences of the graduates in Business Economics, to then explore their employability. The first research question is addressed by using a large sample of the target population. The second research question is answered by a logistic regression analysis. Among various findings, the volume sheds light on some problems concerning the effectiveness of the first-cycle degree in Business Economics, due to the difficulty stated by many interviewees regarding the limited use of skills acquired during university studies in their current jobs. The mismatch between education and occupation could explain the high percentage of the people who, among the first-cycle graduates in Business Economics, decide to continue their studies. Accordingly, the book identifies some policy challenges for university decision makers to improve the chance that a degree in Business Economics could result in high-quality employment. In this perspective, the integrated thinking, holistic view and ethical approach of Gino Zappa embody a meaningful heritage that should be safeguarded, by carrying on his fundamental commitment in pragmatic science, effective education and international openness.

Silvia Angeloni is an Associate Professor in Business Economics at University of Molise, where she teaches courses in Business Economics. She is the author of many monographs, book chapters, and articles, published in national and international journals.

Silvia Ghiselli graduated in Statistical Sciences. Since 1998 she has been working at the AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium, where she is currently the Head of the Bureau of Statistics. She has published several book chapters and articles in national and international journals.