Submission Fees

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The articles, prepared according to the Editing Rules, must be sent to:

- (scientific articles, to be submitted to double anonymous refereeing).

- (articles of a professional nature characterized by scientific and methodological rigor to be subjected to double anonymous peer review). The articles of an informative-professional nature for which the Authors do not request the double anonymous review (to be assigned to the "Letter to Professionals" section) are in any case subject to scrutiny by the Head of the Professional Area.

Collaboration in the journal is free, bearing in mind that the authors must declare formally that the research presented in their article and the results contained there in have never been published elsewhere. Reports subject to communication at conferences may be published, reporting their specific reference.

Before starting the anonymous referral process, the Authors are required to pay a SUBMISSION FEE of € 183.00 as a partial participation in the costs incurred by the Publisher to manage the procedure. (Please send an email to for more information on how to pay the fee).  The payment of the Submission Fee includes the subscription to the Journal for the current year, in the name of the Author. The Submission Fee (as participation at a cost) is not returned in case of rejection of the articles by the Reviewers.

Rirea points out that all of its 100 Reviewers collaborate voluntarily, without personal interests and without receiving any compensation, driven only by the desire to improve Italian scientific production. On this occasion the gratitude of the Authors and the Publisher is expressed to them once again. All issues of the magazine are registered at the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Court and at the Prefecture. The ISSN numberis 1593-9154; the e-ISSN number is 2281-5864

The literary property of the published articles belongs to the Journal: even partial reproduction is allowed, only with the prior written authorization of the Publisher and the Author.

In any case, the source must be cited.

The published articles engage exclusively the responsibility of the Authors.

By strictly following the format provided by Rirea, no decoding costs will be charged to the Author. If from the first check by the Publisher there are even small differences from the format (tolerance 1%), the costs for checking the rest of the document and any changes deemed necessary will be charged.