Rivista Italiana di Ragioneria e di Economia Aziendale (en)

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Year of foundation: 1901
ISSN paper:1593-9154
Digital ISSN : 2281-5864
Frequency: Quarterly
Accreditation: accredited by AIDEA (Italian Accounting Academy)
Indexing: ACNP (Italian catalog of journals)
Each year about 500 pages of authoritative sources.

"Quaderni Monografici Rirea"

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The Rivista Italiana di Ragioneria e di Economia Aziendale is a valid instrument for study, research and update that combine in a balanced and harmonious all the elements that have determined its success, and since 1901 - the date of the foundation - distinguish it from other journals. The quality of content, accompanied by a fine graphic, is guaranteed by the rigid selection of articles by the Scientific Director and the rigorous double-blind refereeing operated by more than one hundred skilled Reviewer structurally collaborating with the Journal.

The journal for over 100 years is on the "frontier" of scientific debate in the area of business science. Has assisted, in fact, the decline of the paradigm bestano, the birth of  the paradigm zappiano, classical and contemporary developments in business economics, and finally the present phase, still of great transformation of objects, methods and language, in relation to the strong and growing comparison with the international scientific community. The protagonists of these seasons, the journal has always given space ensuring maximum freedom of expression for all, convinced that the pluralism of ideas is the best guarantee for the advancement of science.


The Journal is today the aim of encouraging the advancement of knowledge in the area of business management, searching, thanks to the reformed organizational structure and processes of intersubjective control of the products of research to support the development of concepts, analytical models, explicative, teleological, normative, discussion of case histories, scientific inquiry and technology in all possible directions.

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Editor: Prof. Stefano Coronella - Full Professor of Accounting, University of Naples Parthenope

Steering Committee

Scientific Committee

Editorial Committee

Managing Director: Dott. Giovanna Nobile