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                                    Giovanna Nobile
                                    RIREA Publisher
                                    General Manager



The Italian Accounting Review (RIREA PUBLISHER) was founded in Rome in 1901 and it has never stopped publishing in the last 116 years. The most important Professors of Accounting and Accounting history have written for the Journal, such as Fabio Besta (who was also a member of the Review‘s Scientific Committee) and Gino Zappa.

RIREA is a family owned and completely private PUBLISHER, now managed by the fourth generation of the family.

RIREA is awarded by the Italian Presidency of the Council as "Journal with a high cultural value"  and is credited by the Italian Academy of Economia Aziendale (AIDEA).

In  this long  period of time, in addition  to publishing  articles by  the  most important Italian Authors, it also gave particular attention to promote  the best young writers. Some of them, who have later become  important Professors for the Scientific Community of Accounting Studies, have published their first article on the Italian Accounting Review.

Italian Accounting Review is open to international collaborations and to examine proposals for scientific collaboration with experts of that field. It submits to double peer review all the articles by Italian and foreign authors that they want to publish in our magazine.



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