International Perspectives on Corporate Governance: doctrines, models and empirical evidence concerning the foundations of banking origin

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Adalberto Rangone
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DOI: 10.17408/CA/591351

This work deepens the current doctrines concerning the corporate governance, moving from the international theoretical concepts to the empirical implementations. Since the analysis is not limited to for-profit companies but includes the grant-making organizations and in particular the Italian Foundations of banking origin, this work provides an innovative interdisciplinary approach but particularly a specific contribution to fill the existent gap in the literature.The comparison of the international systems of governance both in for-profit and more specifically in grant-making organizations can provide to the reader a complete vision on the real necessities that must be satisfied in order to achieve efficient systems of corporate governance. Furthermore, the analysis carried out on the current governance framework of Italian Foundations of banking origin can express a valuable contribution to solve important issues concerning their relation with stakeholders, the asset management and the fundamental role they play for social and economic development.

Adalberto Rangone has achieved a double Ph.D. title in Management and Business Administration at the University G. D’Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara and in Economics at the National University of Oradea. He is specialized in international corporate governance and governance in the grant-making organizations.
Adalberto Rangone is Adjunct Professor at the Department of Economics and Management of  the University of  Pavia, is Academic Member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research and Editorial Board Member of International Journals.