C - The strategic phase of the generational turnover in family businesses: an analysis model based on intellectual capital management

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Mario Turco - Roberta Fasiello
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The study aims to investigate the interactive dynamic existing between the established entrepreneurial knowledge, constituting the "traditional values", that can be transferred by the outgoing entrepreneur, and new entrepreneurial knowledge, introduced and developed by the incoming entrepreneur, that generally is source of changes. In order to improve the management of mentioned interactive dynamic during the generational turnover phase, this work propose a conceptual model, which constituent elements are mainly referable to intellectual capital studies, that can be useful to individuate critical and hazards aspects and whose constitutive elements are based in economic and business studies. The proposed model, functional to the management of entrepreneurial knowledge transfer, represent an evolution of intents alrealdy expressed in economic literature, as it include in the list of examined factors, the internal and external relations conditions, in addition to the knowledge profile of entrepreneur and his successor and the organizational structure. The introduction inside the model of above mentioned variable is strictly connected to the awareness that "the tie value" between strategic players, included the bond value existing within the family, represents a key factor for ensuring the continuity of economic activity and the preservation of family business tradition.